Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Top 50 Rooms - House & Garden

Nominations for this years' House & Garden Top 50 Rooms are in and the range is vast with everything within the home covered - bedrooms, kitchens, living, dining, bathroom, and outdoor.  And with such differing styles and finishes, it's going to be difficult to be pick an overall winner I think.

I've collated my favourites here; click through the link below to see more nominations and make up your own mind-

Interestingly enough, I've noticed that with my selections below, my living and dining area in my own home must be zhushed up with luxe touches in lighting or seats and my kitchen should convey interesting bits of colour, texture and surfaces within a simple, refined workable area... go figure.

Urban Chic at Sarah Davison Interiors

Glamour & Luxe from David Hicks

Texture and naturalness from Clare Cousins Architects

Refined rawness from Welsh & Major Architects

Colour and Lines from Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture

More images at House & Garden


C said...

the wall in the third picture!!!!! it has a welcome-home feeling I love!

miss b said...

I love those chairs in the first picture - they look stylish yet comfy too. Thanks for your lovely comment on my shoes post and of course for deciding to follow!

ECLECchic said...

Oh, hard to decide...I like all!

Audrey said...

Ah, a mix of the first image with some warm wood in the fourth.

classiq said...

That is a gorgeous kitchen! (3rd photo)

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