Saturday, 8 December 2012

In The Schedule

Is it me, or does everyone feel like the pace is picking up just a tad as we head into Christmas holidays?  Schools out, sun is out, people are out and about... it's time to take it easy with a drink in hand and see what this week's digital offerings bring us... here are some links I stumbled upon -

+ Okay, this is me under the shade, definitely with a glass of red (or maybe white)... I've just come out of the pool (where I was trying to look ever so cool!) and can sit down to brunch (except I'd have my plate filled).  I love this image of Elise Crombez by photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen for Vogue Netherlands, an editorial of Resort wear in a relaxed, country setting.  More images at FGR.

+ You can always spot a Roversi fashion editorial; the romantic soft colours, the moody background, the dreamy, otherworldy aesthetic and the slowly exposed subject in motion; here Paolo Roversi talks about his art, self and his connection with favourite muse Guinivere van Seemus spanning 20 years.  Via here.

+ Now this caught my eye... A Century of Conde Nast Photographers book- with vintage images from Vogue contributing photographers from the 20's through to current times.  Blumenfeld, Rawlings, Arbus are only some of the photographers included in this beautiful coffee table book.  More images via Vogue.

+  Before I read about this video, I instantly thought of Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys when I saw this clip of Kate Bosworth singing Winter Wonderland for Topshop... and that's exactly what director Michael Polish wanted to do - emulate the sultry scene where Michelle sings atop the piano in the 1989 movie.  Very cool... I think I have the original vinyl soundtrack somewhere at home!  Take a look at the video here.

+ Another book for your Christmas list, this time an up close and personal look at Alexander McQueen backstage, in the atelier, at photo shoots and during shows spanning over 13 years.  Photographer Anne Denieu captured many rare moments of McQueen at work, in his thoughts, with his creations in this book titled 'Love Looks Not With The Eyes'... A stunning and evocative Christmas gift for any fashion fan.  More images via here.

+  Everything small is big again... and Louis Vuittons new 'minis' are no exception.  The range of mini sized classic handbags are the perfect brightly hued, chic accessory for about town.  I'll have a mini Speedy Bandouliere like the one Elin Kling wears on her bike thanks... maybe in a shade of crimson, perfect for summer.  Watch the short film here.

+ I love this idea of turning a gentleman's club on its head (kinda literally with the image above!)  In London last month, fashion house, Miu Miu opened up a 3 day pop up Ladies club event - yep, that's ladies only!  Held at the re-opened Cafe Royal there was talks, a curated shopping experience, screenings of Miu Miu's films 'The Womens Tales, a personalized menu to choose from and limited edition products for sale from collaborators Stephen Jones, (see the display of headpieces above) and Vivienne Westwood, which raised funds for cancer support and environmental charities.  The perfect witty, irreverant, whimsical take on fashion clad ladies who 'love to exert control in constructing and playing with their identity' -  now, if only they'd bring it around to my part of the world!  More details here.

LtoR - Roland Mouret via , Gucci via TheSartorialist, Etro Necklace via Netaporter, Lanvin via, Bounkit studs via 30PonteV

And finally, if you're wondering what to colour fill your wardrobe and home with next year... Pantone have announced that the colour of the year, 2013, is ... Emerald Green.  Personally I love emerald green- it suits my complexion perfectly and brings out the amber in my eyes - in fact I believe that there only 2 colours that truly suit everybody's complexion and green is one of them, (yellow is another!).  Try it, and you'll see (perhaps not a dark green, maybe sage is more you, or mint, or celery, or lime...) but in any case, grab those palm fronds for the vase, a bunch of moss from outside for your beautifully styled vignette or some ivy for the centrepiece, an emerald coloured stone for your jewellery and some luscious bottle green for your leather clutch... because everyone will be 'green with envy' once they see your new updated style!  Via Fashionista here.

Hoping you're out and about and enjoying a lovely weekend with some last minute christmas cheer...x


C said...

I yet have to see the video from KAte Bosworth, but the aesthetics look amazing! so many links to check!
:) have a lovely weekend!

classiq said...

Helen, I love your green inspiration board. Emerald green is my favourite shade of green and green is a colour I wear a lot. So this is good news. ;) Off to check the other links. xo

Neda said...

Helen, I love love love photo of Elise reminds me of a photo of my mom from the 70s. Off to check out the other amazing links. Hope you are having a wonderful week! xx

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