Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Something Old

For lovers of Art & Fashion... some beautiful images by photographer Hendrik Kersten emulating the poise and serenity of a old Dutch masters painting from centuries ago.  

A sombre background with the subject in a 3/4 pose jumping out from the darkness.  Swathed in light and luxe and this season's designs, here his daughter Paula (who is his muse and model in most of his photography) stares confidently into the lens.

She has a bit of an early Isabella Rossellini look don't you think?

Commes des Garcons Top and Headress

Jennifer Behr Headpiece

Vera Wang Top and Philip Treacy Hat

More images via HarpersBazaar


Audrey said...

Beautiful Helen! Ah, and yes she has something from her, especially in the first image, i think?

(ps. ah tomatoes, yes! put it on my list too! weetecan't wait to show you our "new home", oh my..., to set up the whole thing, it definitely comes with some irritations by Harrie while I give hem the directions, ahhaha!!)

Liz said...

I love these pictures they are such a modern take on the old masters. Very ethereal and the lighting is sublime.

fashionsensitive said...

Are you referring to Vermeer's paintings? One of my favorite paintings is "The Girl with the Pearl Earring", I saw it in Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam. I also read the book and enjoyed it a lot thinking how somebody create a story after a painting. Lovely images, Helen!

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