Monday, 4 March 2013

Dressing Room style

I'm working on a wall in my home inspired by this image below -  just some oversized fashion plates mounted high on the wall in a cosy corner of the bedroom.

The work of Interior Designer Miles Redd... luxe, casual, insouciant and chic.  Isn't that a gorgeous dressing room area for the inner fashionista?

Hope your week gets off to an inspiring start too.

Image via Miles Redd


Anonymous said...

I like this!
The frames look fabulous.

classiq said...

I'd like to see that wall you're working on when it's done. I wish I had all those sketches to put on a wall in my home office. :)

fashionsensitive said...

Yes, it is, this winter I added some Rene Grau illustration on my hallway, so I totally understand, Helen! :*

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