Friday, 15 March 2013

In The Schedule

It's finally cooled down over here (yay) so that means no more perching oneself in front of the air conditioner and trying to avoid frizzy hair with the heat and humidity outside.  Fingers crossed for a quiet and relaxing weekend and a brunch with friends and sharing my favourite Tarte au citron!

Time to hook up with some links I found this week on my travels -

+  Loved this dreamy looking editorial Karl Lagerfeld lensed for the April issue of Vogue Germany with his muse Stella Tennant channelling a decidely 'fin de siecle' drama and grace.  More images here.

 + Speaking of Karl...this is the funniest interview with Karl Lagerfeld the day after the Chanel Fall 2013 runway by Laura Brown of US Harpers Bazaar - there's dryness, wit, tongue in cheek and a little bit of control freak going on - you can be the judge.  Karl talks about being 'beyond temptation', eating only steamed vegetables and fish, a resemblance to Angelina Jolie, and what he would do if he were invisible for day.  Very funny stuff.  More here via Pages Digital.

+  A little more Chanelness... the 'Inside Chanel' series takes us 'Inside the Jacket'.  Archival footage of the birth of the iconic Chanel boucle jacket, what bought it's masculine/feminine appeal to light, and how Madame Chanel revolutionised women's wardrobes from it's inception.  You can also view some original drawings from King Karl himself.  Via here.

+ Speaking of illustrations, take a look at archival drawings by Jeanne Lanvin for her first children's line which caused a 'frenzy' when introduced early last century.  Refined and sweet (my childhood never looked like this!), they certainly hark back to another era with the handmade collection featuring bows, ribbons, frills, daisy patterns and classic lines. (Ok, so I did have handmade... but not like this!)   More images via VogueFr here.

+  The rise of the Hollywood Stylist... like all things fashion who could predict that today's stylist are as 'big' and well known as the celebrities they dress.  Well there's even a top 25 list according to the Hollywood Reporter here.   Well even the stylists look super styled next to their client don't you think (look at J.Lo's gorgeous looking stylists!).

Julianne Moore & Leslie Fremar

+  But if you would like to align your style with a Gallic bent, then look no further than this Hardback title, French Style by Assouline.  I love the blurb..."With dynamic photographs juxtaposing concepts from haute couture and scientific advancements to pop stars and popular culture, French Style is as sophisticated as the nation it celebrates"... awww and I thought we were sophisticated over here?

+ And then to end the weekend, I'm going to look at this scrumptious Dark Chocolate Chiffon cake with Rosewater frosting and just admire it... no eating, no baking,... just look.  After all,  I've got a decidely frenchy, looking good in what you wear kind of theme going on today!  But if you'd like recipe then head over to Sweetapolita for a fix!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend with your loved ones...xx


C said...

Gonna check the interview right away!!!!!!!

Neda said...

I could always use a little more Chanel and thanks for sharing the children's illustrations by Lanvin...going over to the article now. Have a lovely weekend! xx

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