Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Home Style, Warmth & Authenticity, Denmark

I was just admiring these photos of Danish photographer Franne Voight's home online, and after linking back to his website (here), it makes sense that such a delicate and precise (but not precious)  looking home should be in keeping with his aesthetic.

Yes, the walls are white, yes, the rooms are sparsely filled, but warmth and authenticity resides in the floorboards, the artwork and the furniture.  Just like Franne's editorial and portrait photography there is an ease and comfort in the lines and a sharp punch of colour and movement that jumps out at you.

There is a certain simplicity devoid of flourish and busy-ness that appeals to me... After all, simplicity is key isn't it?

Photos MagsMogensen
More images via Bo Bedre.dk

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