Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Layer upon layer

What do you wear when you leave the house and its 5degrees outside?  While the weather might appear just refreshing and cool to some of my northern hemisphere readers... for me, it's tipping on freezing!

Remember when Garance mused on the effects of taking your blanket everywhere and wearing it as a cape (nice idea!)... but a little impractical behind the wheel of a car right?

Layers and layers, that's the only thing you can do.   So today I left the house with warm socks inside my suede booties, my black jeans tucked into my boots, a few layers of short sleeve tshirt, long sleeve top and long knit jumper, a collared cable knit wrap held together like a jacket with a thin belt and for the first time this year gloves!  And keeping all these textured layers tonal (grey, charcoal, black) makes all those different angles and silhouettes come together nicely.

But what about when you want to amp it up a little and play on colours, themes, textures?  Just like in this editorial for the May issue of Vogue Germany, keep the colours rich and vibrant, add majestic jewels and a bold lip and channel a little Kahlo/Boho/Folksy/Artsy/Gypsy swagger to your day.

(Okay, so maybe not ALL at once for a school drop off, right?)

How's the weather holding up in your part of the world?

Love this A.F. Vandervost shawl ... and those rings are amazing!

Loving this bib necklace and those bangles

Photos Giampaolo Sgura
More Images via Fashion Gone Rogue


Classiq said...

It's hot here, but I'm not complaining, as only a little over a month ago I was dreaming about warm weather. Love the styling in the top photo.

Audrey said...

Ah, love this editorial Helen! my favorite is the second the black and white, beautiful with the bits of gold!

Ps. we really having a bad Spring this year! hopefully Summer will be HOT!!!!

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