Thursday, 21 June 2012

Perfect time for a holiday...Marrakech

Ah, sun where have you gone?  There is no sun in Melbourne today, LatteLisa tells me there is no sun in Luxembourg today, and there is hardly ever any sun in Dublin or London (anyone?)... wait, I think I found it beaming in Marrakech.

La Sultana, a riad situated in the bustling centre of Marrakech, glows with warmth and vivacity not only from the sun in North Africa but from the jewel like colours that decorate each room.

This 28 room accommodation originally consisted of 5 riads that were used as private residences, which have since been merged together to form La Sultana.  Enter the riad from the noisy and crowded streets and be transported into a luxurious, hushed and tranquil environment.  Artisan carved doors lead you into a world not unlike an elegant set from a classic 'Road To' movie starring Bing Crosby and Bob Hope - colour, pattern, texture, beautiful details abound with handmade materials and carvings, individually decorated rooms and their own lavish bathroom - (How beautiful is that green bathroom below?.  But rather than being overdone, the palette offers a lovely assembly of tones and hues layered with intricate craftsmanship and cultural handiwork.  There are kilims from North Africa, lamps from the Middle East and masks from South Africa and a collection of art and furniture that the owners have collected on their world travels.

There is a spa/hammam for your use, a swimming pool and a restaurant which beckons and entices you with a myriad of flavours and spices.  I can only imagine the menu and the aroma from that kitchen.

If it's unique cultural beauty within a stylish and tranquil environment you seek, then I have to say La Sultana looks like it has that in spades.   It's all in the detail...and that shady day bed I think.  Now, for some mint tea.. anyone?

stunning bathroom detail and equally stunning mosaics

some shady relaxation and the beautiful details

 there is the sun in the central courtyard

aah, that view!


C said...

I want to go back to MOrocco soooo badly!!!
Its a fabulous place to go with girlfriends!
loooove the hotel!

have a lovely thursday!

Anonymous said...

Are we on the same page today or what?!! I just posted a Marrakesh home on my blog! I'm not kidding.

I guess we're both thinking about the sun ;-)

PS. Thanks for the link love.

classiq said...

I will gladly send some sunshine over to both you and Lisa. We have enough in Bucharest and some rain showers would be welcome. Love the Marrakech inspiration here. I have to start planning a vacation soon. xo

Neda said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Marrakech has been on my list of places to see for a long time. There are so many stunning hotels and this looks like one of them.

Not Just Another Milla said...

I've never been but it's on the list. Gorgeous interiors.

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