Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kick off your heels

Shoes, shoes and more shoes - all shapes and sizes and a myriad of colours.  That describes my shoe-robe!  So why oh why, do I find I haven't got anything to wear.  Seriously, I am in the midst of the bi-annual shoe sort through - you know when you get ready for the sales online and in real life - but I can't bear to get rid of anything because they're all so good and each have a story - I'm a bit romantic like that (also known as a hoarder).

Then I was thinking, I should get them out of the shoe-robe and display them throughout the house - to give it a lived in, kick your heels up kind of feeling everywhere you look.  Hmmm - too messy?  and besides people will think I forgot to put away my shoes right?  Then I remembered I saw these photos via The Coveteur of's market editor, Marina Larroude's home.

Okay, so the photo shoot has been styled I know that - but don't her shoes look just like little baubles of fancy velvet and suede and crystals?  I can't compete with the rows of Manolos', Louboutins, or Vivier but I can coo over my Prada, Givenchy and DellAcqua slingbacks each time I open the door and wonder what to wear to school drop off right?

More photos over at The Coveteur here.

I adore these velvet Manolo Blahnik slingbacks!

Casadei boots and Salvatore Ferragamo bag


C said...

That Manolo in blue (carrie's) in the last pic is my favorite! OOOOOOH I wish I could have a wardrobe like this!!!!
Good morning sweetie!

classiq said...

I would opt for some nice shelves where I can display all my shoes and not keep them in their boxes - I should have attached a photo with the pair inside each box, but I wrote on them instead and I'm still having a hard time figuring out what's inside. :)

LatteLisa LisaHjalt said...

Give me a call when you've convinced your man that shoes are the most ideal home decor and then I'll start convincing mine ;-)

Because Ada mentioned boxes in her comments. My friend uses these fabulous boxes for her shoes that you can see through. Then she just stacks the boxes and has no trouble finding the shoes she's looking for.

Audrey said...

Love the velvet sling backs, and if i only could walk on heels!!! after 10 minutes i kicked them off and slight in to something more comfortable, i know i know have to practice.

Neda said...

Seriously! Nice shoes should be displayed! I wish we could have Coveteur lives on a daily basis. :)

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