Friday, 24 May 2013

In The Schedule

Hope this week has been a pleasant one for you all... here some links I found during some scouring over the web -

+  Awash with warm breezes and sunny skies this lovely editorial of lots of white, sunwashed and pale hues from the Spring collections features the beautiful Joan Smalls - via WSJ here.   If it was warmer here, I think I'd be wearing alot of these pale looks too.

+ Jimmy Choo has launched an interactive website where you can upload your look of the day (featuring a piece of Jimmy Choo of course!) and join dozens of gorgeous girls from Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Sydney and other places proudly pounding the pavement in their Choo's!    Style is very global!  View some images and get ready to share your look here.

+ Just admiring the look of this not so traditional Hampton's home via Elle Decor.  The light fixtures are amazing and that backyard is too!  A little bit vintage, a little bit designer and lots and lots of money later - this renovation is just so sophisticated.   I think it looks like a movie set ...

+  If perfume and fragrance is your thing and a trip to Versailles is on the cards, you much check out this 'perfume paradise' called Jardins des Senteurs.  Visit the fragranced garden and 'learn about the work of the noses behind the jus'; caress limited edition by four luxury fragrance brands only found here; taste a floral inspired macaroon, enclose your hand in a perfumed glove from Maison Fabre or sample the exclusive Guerlain scent in homage to Marie-Antoinette.  I think this might be the perfect trip for a ladies day out right?  More details via Vogue Fr here.

Enjoy your weekend... and may the sun shine wherever you are!


miss b said...

What a stunning room in the Hampton's home. So bright and airy and what a beautiful light fitting - a real statement piece!

Classiq said...

I'm all about white after this post. :) Well, white has always been one of my favourite colours. Love the Joan Smalls editorial (that white shirt-white long skirt look she wears at some point is so immaculate) and the white bedroom with that beautiful view.

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