Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Loving food

Love it when a gorgeous model like Bianca Balti below (she of the Dolce e Gabbana campaigns) gives us in insight into her daily humdrum(?) life.

Walks in the park, cooking lunch, eating risotto, playing with her daughter and modelling ... put all these together and you get the stunning image below.

Check out the lovely summery images taken of the Dolce e Gabbana 'Light Blue' fragrance shoot via Vogue Aus.

Okay so now I'm going back to the kitchen and whip up a pot of risotto, all creamy, buttery, you think it'll work for me?... ummm, perhaps not!


C said...

I love Bianca! she is beautiful and looks super healthy, which is something you dont see everyday in magazines or editorials :)

Classiq said...

She is beautiful and looks great. I agree with the first comment.

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