Monday, 12 August 2013

Something like this...

This is my favourite hairstyle... on Alexa Chung.  All front and centre, face framing, natural, soft, luscious, amber coloured, cozy and comfy.

I can't do glossy, perfectly straight, flat-ironed hair - it's just not me.  There is no scope for error, it looks too flat, it screams of perfection and having all the boxes ticked, ...  I think that says alot about me!  And I loved seeing those beautiful, wavy locks on the Bottega Veneta and Marc by Marc Jacobs runways last season, bringing back a bouncy, messy, full look to hair.

I've had a love/hate relationship with my hair and every time it doesn't do as it should, I vow to chop it all off next time I visit the salon.  I've had it cropped, super short (like Jean Seberg, like Charlize Theron, like Beyonce a few days ago); I've had it grown wavy and luscious down my back (like Miranda Kerr, like Veronica Lake); I've had it bobbed and layered (like Yasmin Sewell, like Sarah Jessica Parker); and currently, I usually wear it up in a bun with flyaways at the temple and sides (like Christy Turlington).

I'm not really fussed that much... It's been darkened, lightened, tinted, striped, foiled, curled, straightened... and even permed in the mid 80's (I don't know why because it is naturally wavy with a few curls!).  I read somewhere that women born under the star sign Aries like to frequently change their hairstyles - hmmm, I can vouch for that.

So when I spot a good looking photo of natural looking, awesome hair I file it away for next time; for when I'm nearly due to go back to the salon and say, ...'how about we try something like this...'.

After all, it'll all grow back eventually... I'm not fussed.

Beautiful soft amber hued Alexa - and easy to maintain right?

Ballerina bun on Christy with natural flyaways

Sculptural and short with a long front

Looped on itself ponytail - the daily look!

Sleek bun all year round

A beautiful wavy textured bob on Yasmin

Soft, cropped, curls on Audrey

All messy waves

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Classiq said...

I've always liked Alexa's hair styles. There's always something so effortless about them. And that one in the photo of her above is very similar to mine right now, but only immediately after I've blow-dried by hair. I say only immediately after, because in about an hour it would be perfectly straight, that's my natural hair, and I've made peace with it. :) I've experienced many shades (from brunette to blonde) and hair-cuts (from pixie to long locks) and I must say, I most definitely enjoy changing my look. It has an uplifting effect. :)

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