Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Just another week

It's been a crazy week... and another Fashion Week is coming to a close, defined by a kaleidoscope of colour and texture.

I'm still pouring over images and taking it all in, making mental notes and 'pinning' away, happy in the knowledge that the next Couture week is just around the corner!

And of course the good thing about it coming up to summer weather here is that we can take a little bit of gold, a smattering of red, some metallic sheen, a bunch of interesting mixed up textures & layers, some glittery baubles and a touch of fringed details from the Spring 2014 catwalk to our current season right about now.  (I love jumping ahead a season!)

Au Revoir Paris... until next time!



Dries Van Noten


All images via The Cut
Photos Dina Litovsky

1 comment:

Audrey said...

Beautiful images Helen! so off to couture week!xx

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