Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Crop

Would you go the crop?  Not me, I'm not game to show any skin from my torso - whether it's been tanned or not.  Besides it was c.1984 that I ventured into cropped, boxy top territory.

There just seems something so exposed for me - definitely no belly buttons involved!

But if I were wanting to play with this cropped silhouette I think I could venture into it as a layered piece.

A black dress underneath (make sure it's fitted to the waist), and a white or grey marle crop on top.  Add a slick pair of pointy toes, scoop up the hair and dab on some red lipstick and yes, I think I could manage that.

Is that cheating?  Yep!  But I don't mind... that's if I were to go the crop!

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Classiq said...

I wouldn't. It's not a matter of being fit enough or not to do it (I'm glad to say I am), but at 32 (although I am always told I look much younger) I feel I've simply passed the period when I was feeling comfortable in a cropped top. But I could say yes to playing with the cropped silhouette and cheating a little. It's funny that when it comes to a short skirt or dress, I feel the opposite. In my twenties I wasn't feeling comfortable wearing mini, but now I do. Maybe it's just a matter of taste. :)

PS: hope you got my email

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