Friday, 24 January 2014

In The Schedule

Have you been ensconced in Couture week?  I certainly have... the flights of fancy, the sparkly embellishments and the structured tailoring... it's what draws us into the whimsy and workmanship of fashion all over.  I have found some delightful links for this week's round up.. here you go.

+  Loved this pretty ballet inspired editorial for How You Spend It Magazine photographed by Andrew Yee.

+ If you happened to have missed the shows, a quick look at the highlights of Couture week as listed in Because London.  For me, it would have to be everything at Giambattista Valli and Valentino.  But I must say the inclusion of a crystal, shiny sneaker at Chanel was fantastic - I predict they will be the biggest seller!

+ Another Magazine interviews some collectors of Haute Couture and Antiques in London and what they look out for when searching for pieces to add to their collections.

+Australian Illustrator Kerrie Hess, recalls her Paris diary when she exhibited in Paris' Le Meurice - oh to be strolling the streets too!  I think that's my other real life there!

+  The lookbook of Australia's Carl Kapp as photographed by Simon Lekias via Vogue Aus.

+  And because she's already won acclaim and awards for her role in Blue Jasmine and is nominated for an Oscar and she appears on this month's issue of Australian Vogue, here's Cate Blanchett at work behind the scenes shooting the cover and an editorial for inside the magazine.  Really, those cheekbones are just sublime!

+ Nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson shares tips on how to achieve that beach waistline via The Edit.  Hmmm, it's never too late right?

+  And because it is the new year still, some tips from Fashion insiders for getting your career sorted and in the right direction.   There is always room for improvement.

We have a long weekend here for Australia Day; bring out the bbq, sausages and burgers and relax!  Don't you just love summer?  Enjoy the weekend wherever you are...


Lisa Hjalt said...

I think my couture heart has died. The interest I had for couture is like Elvis; it has left the building! I saw two looks from Valentino and Elie Saab, pinned them, and that was it.

Happy Australian Day tomorrow!

Classiq said...

I hope you had a wonderful celebration for Australia Day, Helen. The couture shows did nothing for me at all, except for a very few looks here and there, it was like I had seen everything before. I hope Cate wins the Oscar speaking of which, I saw Dallas Buyers Club a couple of days ago and I must say that I now know for sure who are my favourite male contenders: Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto both deserve to win for best actor and best supporting actor, respectively). That Carl Kapp lookbook shot is right up my alley, off to see more.

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