Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Painterly Style

You know I love a good fashion illustration (who doesn't), so when I happened across these beauties I had to share.

Commissioned by the house of Dior, Mats Gustafson has offered his interpretation of the Dior Fall/Winter 2013 and Cruise 2013 collections.

Just scroll through and let these beautiful ethereal images sink into your subconsciousness for today; trust me it'll bring a sense of calm and serenity to your day whatever you may be doing.

Aren't they just gorgeous?



C said...

I have to repost this. These are the kind of illustrations Id love to be able to reproduce. they are just so simple and elegant. Absolutely perfect!

Classiq said...

They are beautiful indeed, Helen.
PS: I'm watching the match too. :) I haven't seen any at this Australian Open and decided not to miss this one too, so I'm taking a few hours off to watch it. :) I was glad to see Murray's come-back in the 3rd set. I was hoping for a long and competitive match. :)

Lisa Hjalt said...

We were obviously on the same page today because I posted Gustafson's home studio! I saw these last week and was reminded of his Stockholm home.

Audrey said...

On first glance i thought these were yours! Beautiful illustrations! you both have the same way of drawing Helen!

miss b said...

Absolutely stunning. I have always been intrigued by beautiful fashion illustrations and these are so elegant.

Liz said...

I agree with Audrey.
When the first image appeared I thought it was one of yours Helen. They are so simple yet so stunning. Great find!

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