Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Non Ageist Style - Part II

I thought I'd re-visit the popular Non Ageist Style post that I wrote a while back (see here to refresh your memory)...

Why would you want to turn back the hands of time and look 18 again?

Not I,... not when I see around me that, finally, gorgeous, elegant women (not girls, but Women over 40) are being lauded and showcased centre stage in industries dominated by the almighty marketing dollar such as cinema, beauty and fashion.

Stephanie Seymour (45) has just been announced as the face of Estee Lauder;  Jessica Lange (64) is the face of Marc Jacobs beauty and Charlotte Rampling (68) named as the face of NARS.

Wasn't it just not long ago when the stunning (and still so!), Isabella Rossellini was 'let go' as face of Lancome when she turned 40!... have we finally matured (pun intended!) enough that we can see there are all ages that need to represented in magazines, on billboards, on the tv and cinema?  I hope so!  This is the demographic that is holding onto the purse strings in most households people! I think it's a bit of a no brainer...

Photographed by David Sims

Previously speaking about her age..."This is how I am.  I'm still a very attractive
woman despite my age - so get used to it."

And then I saw these gorgeous images of classic 'Supers', Amber, Shalom, Tatjana & Helena for Harpers Bazaar UK (the Beauty editorial!).

The lines are visible, the skin tone isn't what it used to be and the shadows around the eyes are the common thread that unites all 40+ year olds.  I think its wonderful; it says yes, I've seen it all and I'm happy to be able to see and live much more!  With no artifice, portraits with the signature black and white lens of Peter Lindbergh.  Relaxed, confident, no nonsense and straight up.

And then there's Christy Turlington, my favourite 'Super'.  Mid 40s, career woman, activist, mum, designer, and still sought after model.  Just take a look at the editorial featured in Vogue UK's April 2014 issue photographed by Patrick Demarchelier; still awesome!  Giving any 20 year old something to look forward to I say.  Stay true to yourself, find your look and embrace it.

Yay for over 40, 50, 60 year olds and beyond!  Yes, to keeping the fashion editorials with elegant, mature women visible.  Yes, to offering us beauty tips for skin that doesn't cope with heavy handedness  and needs tender sheerness and luminosity that doesn't seep into those little lines.  Yes, to a dose of reality and a life beyond 25!

For me, last week's Oscars were all the more interesting with ladies such as Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett gracing the red carpet.

It's the confidence, the surety and that 'hey, whatever' attitude that comes with age so much more fun and cool; and they're much more 'cooler' than say a starlet who wishes nothing more than to be cool and be accepted.

These ladies are hitting their mark loud and clear!


Audrey said...

Aha Yes! I love this, such a great post! Helen.All good looking ladies. Christie Turlington is my favourite too. And she looks so great, as always isn't! As for myself..turning 52 this year and I love it!! guess it'a all about to accept yourself as who you are (no matter how you look) in this stage of life! and embrace it.
At the end the character of a person, man or woman shows the "real face".


Lisa Hjalt said...

Hear hear! (Did I maybe say that when you wrote part 1?). I do hope we are maturing!

I love that quote by Rampling ... elegant bad ass ;-)

Liz said...

Here, here!!
I couldn't agree more.
Women over 40 and beyond indeed, are stylish, elegant and actually have the cash to pay the exorbitant prices for designer clothing and accessories. It's about time they started designing for the correct demographic. We are not 20 year old coat hangers. Designers take note, we are here and we are valid!

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