Thursday, 6 March 2014

Winning Winona

Looking as gorgeous as ever, all grown up and polished in Dolce and Gabbana, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton... the awesome Winona Ryder as she graces the pages of Red Magazine, photographed by Max Abadian.

Can someone just cast her with Natalie Portman and Rose Byrne in a story about 3 sisters ... there is a bit of a resemblance there between them all don't you think?

Via Fashion Gone Rogue


Classiq said...

Lovely, that second shot. I saw her in one of Jim Jarmusch's film, Night On Earth, a few weeks ago. Loved the movie, he's the real independent film-maker.

The Style Schedule said...

Wow Ada, You've taken me back to the early 90's; I saw Night On Earth at the cinema when it came out; and loved it too!:)

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