Friday, 29 August 2014

In The Schedule

The buds are just about to open in our garden... it must be coming up to Spring; and with this recent burst of sunshine during the week just gone, I'm looking forward to a fresh take on the garden and perhaps a fresh take on a cleaned out wardrobe!

Great time for a spring clean...

+  Take some time to view this chic editorial photographed by Will Davidson for Vogue Australia's September issue.  Floaty chiffons, elegant neck ties and dreamy silhouettes while we ponder the transition from winter to the summer sun in the coming months.

Delphine Arnault

+ Who can get the world's most influential designers in one room, on the same table? I mean Karl, Raf, Phoebe, Marc, Nicholas, Humberto and Riccardo are pretty busy right?, but when Delphine Arnault's office calls and months of planning and logistics follow, it's only natural that the designers all employed by the french luxury conglomerate LVMH of which Delphine is positioned as perhaps next in line, make themselves available.  A really interesting read on Delphine's background, her experiences, and her work moving forward through ranks in this influential business via WMagazine here.

+   Who doesn't like a bit of neat and organized?...I would love to set up camp in this office area... well let's not pidgeon hole myself... I'd set up camp in this enitre home too while I'm at it.  A renovated home in Melbourne's Camberwell, designed by Mardi Doherty of Doherty Design, by way of Est magazine.

Tiffany T rings

+  Take a look at the new Tiffany's collection; from the house's first female design director (really!?) Francesca Amfitheatrof.  If the name sounds familiar it's because you might have read it on her own jewellery designs previously or you might have seen her designs for Marni (eyewear), Fendi (jewellery), Asprey (silverware) and Alessi (objects).  Read about her background and her vision for Tiffany here via T Magazine.

+  So intricate, so delicate, so sumptuous.... of course, it's the Dior sneaker; take a look at the making of a Dior sneaker in all its layered complexity, via Garance Dore's website here.  Now that's what you call Hi-Lo!

+  As the weather slowly warms up, I'm going back to Natural Yoghurt and fruit and nuts for brekky and can forgo a tea or coffee in the morning; nothing too fancy I know, but then I saw this image above and knew I had to hunt down the source for another option.  Roast Grapes and Goats Yoghurt via Lily.  Isn't it just enticing?

Have a lovely weekend...


Classiq said...

How I like the quiet elegance in that Vogue Australia editorial! Lucky you, you are heading into spring! But our weather still agrees with me, so I can't complaint. Have a wonderful weekend, Helen!

Helen @TheStyleSchedule said...

*classiq... yes into Spring but not that you'd know it today! :)

Liz said...

I am mesmerised by that first photo. Love the silk tie around her neck and the contrast of the bare shoulders with the gloves.

The Style Schedule said...

*Liz... I can see you in this outfit for the races.. just add hat!

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