Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Monday Treat

This was my dessert yesterday.  A Flan de chocolate y naranja ... mexican style.

I found myself lunching at Mamasita with a couple of girlfriends on a Monday in the city;... not part of my normal weekly routine!

But as you know, I am a big exponent of having a day out of the routine and a little indulgence and a little catch up with friends is a nice way to start the week.  (You might recall last time we dined South East Asian at Chin Chin).

A mixed crowd of city workers, friends, and passer-bys in a low key environment; last time I tried to get in (granted it was a weekend) the wait was over an hour for a table and the queue snaked down the stairs and out into the street... eek!

A few treats to entice my tastebuds and washed down with a bit of sparkling rose (hmmm, this seems to be a constant)... and then roll on out the door into the chilly Melbourne breeze and to reality!  My favourite... the Taco de Arrachera, the seafood casserole, some Ensalada de quinoa (with spinach, corn, coriander, chilli & pico verde) and the delicious desserts!

A great start to the week.  (Can I just have a coconut rice pudding to go next time? mmmm)

Chocolate Orange Flan with Almond Praline

Ceviche de Yucatan, Tostadita  di Pollo, Elato Collejero (chargrilled corn)
all washed down with some Valleformosa 'Clasic' Rose from Spain

Some more goodness the Chocolate Orange Flan and the divine
Pudin de orroz y coco (Coconut rice pudding, coconut cream, quince & amaranth toffee)!

Ceviche ... yummy and refreshing

Drinks at the bar
Photos 1, 2, 3 - taken by me
Photos 4 & 5 - via Mamasita Website

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