Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Home Style... Classical Neutral in Manhattan

There is something very inspiring about a home that comes across grand and classical in scale and in show but only takes up a miniscule footprint size wise.

This home belonging to re-known Interior Decorator Stephen Sills and his then partner, James Huniford is no exception.  At 1,000 sqft, it speaks of largesse and restraint, a grand scale and understatement, of pomp and of subtlety.

The palette is subtle mixing blond woods, natural walls, Ecru and Sandstone and a stunning shot silk blue/purple that peaks out from the windows, but only just so, not too much.

With a deep regard to history Sills Huniford attracted clients like Vera Wang, Tina Turner, admirers like Annette de la Renta and had supporters in Bill Blass and Anna Wintour throughout the 80s.  A real American flavour but with a nod to the antiquities.

Love the monochrome artwork above the chaise, and the stunning parquet flooring, and what about the fabulous detailed frieze as cornice!... this is what I call a grown ups home.

More images via TMagazine.


Lisa Hjalt said...

I love the styling of that corner in the top photo, such a beautiful reading nook. Great find, Helen, I hadn't seen this space before!

classiq said...

I like the spot by the window. I have a thing for reading nooks, every home should have one.

The Style Schedule said...

I know, the reading nook just beckons doesn't it! I could curl up in that corner all afternoon...:)

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