Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday Clear and Fresh

Hello Monday; the sun has started to come out after what was a crazy stormy night and morning, and as the clouds lift everything looks all more greener and clearer after a good dose of sprinkling.

Just like these gorgeous faces photographed by Christos Karantzolas.

And as we all know, a good clear base is the best way to start when you layer on your makeup; or even better, go without or with minimal makeup and let the sheen show through.

I'm just starting on some Jurlique samples in my cosmetics pouch and yesterday I tried the Nurturing Mask which is amazing for stressed out skin; leaving mine with a smooth velvety feel, hydrated and clean.  Loved it.  The goal is just to get to a good even base, from there I can dab on some tinted moisturizer, add some eyeliner and perhaps a stick of barely there coloured gloss.  That's it for me!

Clean fresh face = clean fresh week!

The outfits provide some inspiration for the coming weekend as I decide what to wear to a cocktail party on Sunday...

Photography Christos Karantzolas

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