Friday, 7 November 2014


It's certainly time for a little outdoors action with the sun shining and the thermometer travelling upwards of 30 degrees today.  

And although this image of Daria Werbowy from Vogue Paris' October 2004 edition gives you the impression that it's been all about lying around in the sun for me, that's far from the case this week.

But I hope to be inspired to do more of this over the weekend!  A busy week in the workroom equals quiet week on the blog front... so I will endeavour to get up to date soon, I promise!  And with a myriad of links that I've saved on the desktop I'm bursting to just do some random posts at any moment.

Back soon with a more structured schedule!


Photography Mikael Jansson
Vogue Paris, October 2004

1 comment:

Classiq said...

I will say again that I hope you'll share some of your design work with us one day soon. Have a wonderful weekend, Helen!

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