Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Home Style, Subtle Ornate in Belgium

I just love the subtlety in this gorgeous home; from the cool subdued palette, to the neat and 'just so' placement of objects and furniture.  And that's got to be the coolest way to display all your magazines hey?

Love this pic

That arch is definitely the statement

Lovely marble splashback

These tasselled bathtowels are gorgeous


Meta Musings said...

ugh, girl i love belgian design! xx

classiq said...

I love those high ceilings. I am very fond of my increasing stack of magazines, but were I to have a fireplace in my home (sigh) I wouldn't use it to deposit my magazines.

Anonymous said...

nice interiors but I have to say that non-functioning fireplaces break my heart ... we have one :-(

Audrey said...

Ha loving the first picture, beautiful chair and the pile of mags in the fireplace, Great!! A beautiful home Helen!


Anonymous said...

Love the crisp palette!

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