Friday, 24 February 2012

Colour me, Ginger

I have been noticing a 'bit' of orange peeping through some street style photography overseas, particularly with the last week's viewings at London Fashion Week.  Everything from apricot, peach, pumpkin, paprika, through to ginger and persimmmon; the volume turned down to pastels and then way up to full throttle neon.  I quite like orange and I can hear the audible cringes from some people, but in fact it was Frank Sinatra who said that 'orange is the happiest colour' and Cary Grant who loved it, it was his favourite colour.

It's the quickest pick me up colour, and if you find the right match for your skintone, it'll take years off and really give you a lift!  I myself would steer clear of anything too pastely like apricot or peach, and go for paprika and Hermes orange!  (hmmmm)!

Make your own mind up...


classiq said...

Yes, Sinatra and Cary Grant loved the colour. And I love it too, especially paired with nude. I'm looking for new ways to incorporate it into my wardrobe come spring. xo

Sarah Klassen said...


This is too funny, I have been craving this color very much—thank you for the inspiration :) I would adore those Carven seude shoes in my wardrobe!


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