Friday, 24 February 2012

Perfect time for a holiday...Kenya

Because its such a lovely warm day in Melbourne today, where else would you rather be ... well maybe somewhere just as warm with a view over the Indian Ocean perhaps?

This holiday beach house is located on the Lamu Archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa.  Renovation of the  house has been sensitive to its surroundings with a nod to the Arabic influence of the area.  Imagine sitting under a palm tree whilst gazing at the colour of the bougainvillea on your right and enjoying the scent of the aromatic ylang ylang across the way.

The house caters for family or friends (up to 12 people) with 5 rooms all with views of the Indian Ocean.  A large kitchen on the ground floor and a terrace for dining and of course, the obligatory pool.  Four staff members are on hand to pamper you during your stay.

It sounds as though it is catering to travellers in search of an authentic experience; there are no cars in the 17th century town of Lamu (unesco world heritage site), but a maze of alleyways to explore, a fish market to sample local produce and unspoilt white sand beaches for swimming, snorkelling, surfing, fishing, or sailing.

I think it looks like somewhere James Bond might hang out for a few weeks while he recuperates after one of his adventures!

How is that view from those arches?   Just heavenly...


Anonymous said...


Kenya is on the future plan, when the kids are older and mature enough to value a trip like that.

We'll be travelling with friends who have been there almost every year since I don't know when. Their descriptions and photos never fail to enchant me.

Audrey said...

This sounds and looks perfect to me! Beautiful images Helen. Have a good weekend!

Btw the new word verification, drives me crazy! grrrr..

classiq said...

So beautiful! I would love to travel to Kenya one day. There are so many beautiful places in the world I would like to explore. xo

Rachel {Little Bits of Lovely} said...

It looks amazing! A view of the Indian Ocean sounds perfect. I'd love to visit Kenya one day. Have a lovely weekend! xx

Sarah Klassen said...

Definitely would love to visit! Stunning retreat—so incredible...

Hope you have enjoyed a lovely weekend!


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