Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter break

If you're not taking a mini break during Easter then it's a time for updating around the home.  These few days off that will be my plan.  Frames, prints, books, even furniture will get a shuffle around just to get prepped for a new season.  That's just what we do.  I might even take a drive down to the coast one day!

Have a lovely extended break and enjoy your time at home whatever you do.


C said...

Im feeling you, sweetie!
We'll be staying in aswell (work on saturday) so ill be all about Spring closets, new shelves and mirrors...and the baby's room, of course!
I think we'll have to treat ourselves with something nice for being so organized, dont you think?
What about a chocolate croissant?
have a lovely Easter holiday!!!!

Neda said...

Have a lovely Easter holiday! I think I'll do the same- some relaxation and some spring cleaning!

classiq said...

Oh my, how did I miss this post? Gorgeous interior! The bookshelves, artwork scattered on the floor, the white walls and lamp, it looks stunning. This could become my dream studio. xo

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