Friday, 6 April 2012

In The Schedule...

Let's catch up on some reading and tips over this long weekend... make a cuppa, put your feet up, and find some quiet time (if you can).

Here are some links I loved this week -

+ A gorgeous few pics from Australian designer Dion Lee's LookBook A/W 12  which demand your attention, and also take a look at his short film 'Sequence-Breathing' (just beautiful), via Russh.  Isn't the colour of this blouse just beautiful..;

+  Great interview with Chick Chic Stella McCartney via Interview magazine (she works hard for the money);

+  Perhaps you'll have some free time after eating all those chocolate eggs... why not keep little fingers busy with this amazing origami bunny (so cute!) via HowAboutOrange - go on I dare ya...;

+  Interiors vs Catwalk... which came first?  I love how colour trends play out across both fields over at LifeStyleEtc;

+  This beautiful Victorian home has been transformed by its owner and one of England's best stylists Marianne Cotterill.   The home was open for viewing as part of LivingEtc house tours as visited by Marina of Iced Vo-vos.  Check out Marina's blog because there are a few more tours she's included also.  More of Marianne's home here and her stylist portfolio here (so gorgeous!).

Luxe and chic

Image from Marianne's portfolio- awww

+ And finally, if you're in the mood for updating your home this weekend (yep that's me) and the blank canvas thing is just too daunting or you want to zhush up a room for a change, here are simple tips of how to do just that by Erin at Apartment 34 (looks easy enough??).

Enjoy your relaxing long weekend people - I've just baked a fresh batch of Hot Cross Buns (the first batch last week were a hit!) and somone's gotta do the tasting ... again!


classiq said...

The Dion Lee look is gorgeous, Helen. From the colour of the blouse and bare back detail to the deep blue of the pants. Off to read Stella's interview. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

C said...

Loved the interview! and the pic with the two girls is soooooo cute!!!!
Ive been all day doing nothing but being a couch potatoe! I need to start with those closets as of now!

Anonymous said...

So much to love and like in this post. That hallway in the Victorian home almost took my breath away, it's gorgeous! I'm off to read that interview with Stella.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

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