Thursday, 26 April 2012

Home Style, Bright White and Colourful Cool, Denmark

I just love this home in Denmark with its blank canvas of white walls and dark floor.  Loads of natural light, fabulous chandelier pendants, and a palette bursting with neon pops and cool pastels.   Whimsical decorating touches in the kids' rooms and beautiful artwork complete the picture.

The owners renovated this home to accommodate their growing brood of four, in the same area as their previous home because they like the neighbourhood.  And whilst the building was pretty much untouched since the 40's, they set about removing walls to make it a spacious and light-filled home.

I gotta say, I love that fireplace on the kitchen bench - it's great.  Oh, and that neon pink artwork in Lola's room!  I've simply got to add more colour here at home... More images via Boligmagasinet here.

PS: thank goodness for Google Translate!


C said...

Loooove this home! I had already seen it and the black floors have me drooling! so beautiful!

ECLECchic said...

I'd say that this home is "happy". Very beautiful space.

Anonymous said...

Such a classic Danish home.

PS. Get on a plane NOW and come help us packing! We need someone like you to keep us motivated because we are not. My husband has even made a song about the fun of packing just to get us to laugh and keep going, hahaha

classiq said...

The kitchen is my favourite room. (I like a nice kitchen and bathroom.) :) And the fireplace is the best part about the kitchen. xo

Neda said...

Gorgeous...when I see this type of style/decor~ white slate with pops of color, it makes me want to take a white paint brush and go crazy in my house! xx

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