Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Home Style, Charm & Modernity, the Hamptons

I just received my April issue of US Harpers Bazaar in the mail, and saw this beautiful, stunning home featured which is located in the Hamptons.

Interior Designer Jenny Dyer and boyfriend Andrew Rosen (founder of label Theory) live in this 1920's house with an expanse of natural light and and a bursting show of greenery from all vantage points.  In 2008, walls were moved to allow the 'inside/outside' living mode and the renovation was overseen by Architect Ana Maria Torres.  Jenny then took to the house to instil her decorating aesthetic which leans to mid-century cool and comfort.  I think there is a unique 'charm' that radiates from this home don't you?

My favourite? ... - well I couldn't decide between the 'zebra enhanced' bedroom opening out onto the porch or that swing hanging from that massive tree in the front yard; it's like a postcard photo.

More images to view at Harpers Bazaar.

Photos by Christopher Sturman / April 2012 issue US Harpers Bazaar


Igor Josifovic said...

Well, I wouldn't say no to a stylish weekend in the Hamptons:-) Thank you for visiting my blog & cheers from Germany!!

C said...

You can keep the bedroom, Im soooooooo keeping that porch! What a beautiful home!!!!

classiq said...

The kitchen looks amazing (look at those windows and shining floor). Oh, and I love that shot in the garden with the long green skirt so nicely fitting the scenery. I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend, Helen. xo

Anonymous said...

Personal and beautiful!

That bedroom is just amazing. I'm not for animal prints so I'd only replace that rug if I were to move in ... which I'm not. Why don't I have a house in the Hamptons?!!

Thea vintage said...

So beautiful! The veranda is great and I love all the lush garden.

Audrey said...

The veranda looks very much invited to me!

Hope your week is going well Helen! xx

(btw you have to visit A'dam and the flower market some day)

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