Wednesday, 18 April 2012

La Kidman

I love this editorial featuring Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen (hmmmm) photographed in character as they appear in the HBO film Hemingway and Gellhorn.   I like it because it shows another side to la Kidman; something more mysterious, sensual, a bit of a femme fatale; part Monroe, part Novak and part Vitti.

Doning a wardrobe of designer dresses (Chanel, Vuitton, Prada) and photographed by Emma Summerton in the Beverly Wiltshire Hotel it oozes cool.  Read an interview with the stars covering their inspiration & beginnings and more luscious pictures at W Magazine.

On another note, I am totally addicted to watching the australian version of The Voice on tv.  How cool, sweet, musical, generous, articulate, authentic, gorgeous and hot is Keith Urban?...yep all of the above - lucky girl Nic!

I've always wanted a vintage dressing table just like this!


C said...

OH! I saw it just the other day and she looks amazing! Actually better than she has looked in a long time! (not to mention Mr Owen is gorgeous, of course!)
have a lovely day there sweetie!

classiq said...

Oh, she looks gorgeous! You are so right with the Monroe-Novak-Vitti comparison. And she forms such a handsome couple with Keith. :)
PS: Helen, I would like to state how much I enjoy visiting your wonderful blog. I've always loved it, but it simply keeps getting better and better. :)

LatteLisa LisaHjalt said...

She looks gorgeous!
I love that top photo and I'll have to pin it ;-)

Neda said...

They both look great. I love the editorial style as well! xx

Audrey said...

Oh yes so beautiful, she looks extremely good in these pictures. And i'm a big fan of The Voice too! do we talk about the same Helen? it's a dutch TV production and a great hit. Have you already seen The Voice Kids ? so adorable sweet and at the same time, as good as the adult version.

btw, i agree, such a pleasure to visit your blog.


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