Monday, 14 May 2012


Don't ask ... I don't know why, but I love the 'match' of these two images.  There's something very renaissance about them I think.  And the colour (what is that, emerald, teal?) - that dress is so my colour!  In fact I think I made something like in the 80's  - except it was watermark taffeta... whatever happened to taffeta?  I love taffeta, let's all go out and buy/make/borrow a taffeta dress or coat and some estate jewellery!

Hope you're having a pleasant, if not bejewelled, start to the week!

Miroslava Duma via The Chic Department via FashionGoneRogue/ Earrings image via The Chic Department


C said...

I love that lady!!!!!
She has a flawless Style!!!!

classiq said...

I love the green in the earrings. And although I don't wear earrings, I wish I could wear those to some occasion. Taffeta has never been one of my favourite fabrics, maybe because is pretty luxurious and I wouldn't know how exactly to wear it. xo

Audrey said...

Oh but i love the matches of those two, just perfect! beautiful jewelry love the colors!
And thanks for your lovely comment Helen, it make my day, it's such a pleasure to read.

Neda said...

Gorgeous! I can see why you love the "match." The emerald green is such a regal, strong color. I love the strong statement it makes! Hope you have a wonderful week! xx

Anonymous said...

YES, LET'S! ;-)

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