Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Take your seat

Do you have a special seat within your sitting room?  You know, the spot or seat or corner of the sofa that nobody else is allowed to sit on.  Are you facing a view outside, or are you swivelled around to enjoy a bookcase or shelving inside.  Perhaps its a gallery wall or artwork that frames your view?

Mine is the corner spot on the sofa furthest from the glass door.  That way I can watch the view in the backyard (well a lemon tree in a pot to be exact), whilst positioned in the prime tv viewing spot - and there is the added bonus of putting a cup of tea on the arm of the sofa too.   The view straight ahead, ... well its kinda like this one (albeit not as nicely styled!) - books on a low bench and heaps of magazines - underneath the writing desk and on the floor - just generally spilling out all over the place.   I think I need more shelves!

What's your view that you enjoy?

Image via HouseToHomeUK


classiq said...

My favourite spot is an armchair by the window. Just in front of it I've recently moved the coffee table with all my favourite coffee table books. And to the right I have my stack of magazines (they are part of the decor). I love this little corner in the image. :)

Neda said...

I love this photo! My dad has a special spot in their house...a cushy sofa that has been with them for ages. My husband, son and I squeeze onto our little couch together in the evenings because we face a city view. :)

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