Monday, 2 July 2012

Glamourzon Monday

Feeling a bit flat after an average Monday start to the week?  Well considering this week is the start of Haute Couture week in Paris, there is surely to be something to perk you up and send you floating on air of chiffon, lace and intricate handworked gowns to another place - a place far, far away.

Versace set off the schedule last night sending models down a catwalk in an homage to the typical Gianni glamourzon girl.

Sheen, sparkle, lace, gauze, chiffon and sheer floated down the runway with models looking spectacular in all their glossy wavy-ness emulating modern day Veronica Lake's and Lauren Bacall's.  Seriously how do they get their hair so smooth and glossy!

There will surely be a gown here for Angelina to pick out when she weds her beau later this year in France - most gowns slit to thigh-high and proud of it!

More spectacular images here.


C said...

those dresses are to die for!
I m not really a huge versace fan but their dresses sure are beautiful!
Good morning!!!!

Audrey said...

Oh so glamorous!! yes the hair, pfff....the second on the left looks a bit like me, ahahahha LOL. No serious, a beautiful homage and this had to be "a bit over the top", after all it's Versace.

Anonymous said...

And here I sit in my jeans and cardigan, so not glamorous at all!

But I have got couture fever so god only knows what I'll put on later today ;-)

classiq said...

Gorgeous hair! I am so curious about what the couture week has in store for us. I wish you a wonderful week, Helen! xo

Neda said...

Thank you for the fashion news...I feel like I'm behind a few seasons! Have a wonderful week!xx

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