Thursday, 16 August 2012

Edgy glamour entrance

It's ball season in Melbourne and that means finding an outfit that will make an entrance, that will be on trend, and that will give you the unique edge ... I think I found it.

The complete Spring/Summer 2012 range of dresses from Melbourne label, Scanlan & Theodore!

I love every look here; asymmetrical lace, luxe leather, long lean skirts, colour block chiffon, and of course what would your evening be without something tactile, delicate, black?  Do you want to make an entrance and stand out in a crowd- well leather and luxe is the way to go.

Just something else to jam into the already S&T filled wardrobe.... sigh!  And if I HAD to pick a favourite - umm,... outfit 1 or 2... or 4 or 6... or....

View more spring/summer images at Vogue aus here.

Do you have any gala events planned in your calendar?


classiq said...

I do like the black lace skirt look. Very edgy-chic. No gala events planned, but whenever I do have to attend an event one of the first thoughts that come into my mind is: would jeans (heels and elegant top) work? :)

C said...

Wow! the first dress is absolutely stunning! Lets hope Zara makes something similar LOL!

Anonymous said...

Luxembourg est sans gala but I could rock this in the kitchen, right?!! ;-)

I have a crush on that top in photo no 4. There is also something very luring about the dress in photo no 3.

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