Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Black & White

Sometimes things are just totally black and white... with some metallic edges thrown in for good measure.

This stunning home in New Orleans was previously a boutique hotel - the boutique feel still remains and a palette of monochrome black & white abounds.  For this bedroom, the natural sunlight streaming through the doors helps to soften the drama of the dark walls & ceiling combo.

Do you like?

More images via AD here.


C said...

A bit too baroque for me...I like to keep it simple when it comes to homes! :)
Have a lovely tuesday sweetie!

Liz said...

Love the colour palette.
What a stunning room.
Personally I might add a touch of black!

Neda said...

Wow, what a statement! Not sure I could live there because it's a little too dramatic for me, but I do appreciate it's beauty. :)

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