Monday, 13 August 2012

In The Schedule

What a wonderful day today; sun is shining, buds are appearing on the fruit trees, it must be getting close to Spring now!  Hope you've all enjoyed a little bit of wonder over the weekend... here are some links that I found during the last week; enjoy.

+  The unique Diana Vreeland will be honoured on the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style in September joining fashion designers Gianni Versace, Tom Ford, Manolo Blahnik, and the houses of Missoni and Cartier (via Fashionologie here).  Diana's contribution to fashion comes in the form of her bold stylish editorials at Harpers Bazaar US (having discovered a young Lauren Bacall),  later Vogue US and the Costume Institute at the Met.  It was all about the 'vision', a look that promoted bold, outgoing and effervescent women, making it okay to be 'outlandish' as Angelica Huston put it, unique and making use of one's 'flaws' to project strength and individuality.  Makes you wonder what Ms Vreeland would make of the homogenized, botoxed, photoshopped pages found within today's glossies; or the fast fashion that is been streamed out of high street stores daily encouraging a automated 'buy this right now or you'll miss out' mentality for consumers.  

Hardly individual or unique!  Vive la difference!

A young Diana Vreeland

Vintage Bazaar covers

Take a sneak peek at the trailer of movie 'Diana Vreeland; The Eye Needs to Travel' being released in September also via

And I just had to add the 'Think Pink' song from the move 'Funny Face', which portrays Kay Thompson as a very Vreeland-esque fashion editor Maggie Prescott at a glossy named Quality - love it.

+  Dramatic use of bold colour & sculptural shapes in this lush looking home designed by Kelly Wearstler via Elle Decor.

+  A beautiful editorial of tactile evening looks from the lens of Nick Dorey in the pages of Russh here.

+ A quick look at some of the latest September covers that will be hitting newstands by the end of this week.  If you're an avid reader of trends and insights into what's coming next season, the September issues will provide you with a barometer in print and help you navigate your way through the season - new ad campaigns included (via Fashionologie).

Just channelling a little 'think pink' in the image below?

+  The cool and colourful Fall 2012 Kenzo campaign captured on film by filmmaker Quentin Jones via Wmag.

+ I love this cute DIY for a leather tassel on your luggage on page 52 of the latest issue of Rue.  You know when you travel and you have to scour every item as it comes out of the baggage claim area hoping you don't miss or mistaken yours for someone elses?  With this chic tassel, you'll be able to spot your bag from miles away.  Now just need to book a ticket somewhere...

Hope you haven't had Olympics overload this weekend?


classiq said...

Diana Vreeland is among my blog topics this week. :) Her book 'The Eye Has to Travel' is on the top of my wish-list and I can't wait for the movie too. Vive a différence! The September issues, I can't believe it's that time of year again! I wish you a wonderful week, Helen! xo

C said...

I love HBazaar cover! Gwen Stefani is not one of my favorite fashion icons but it certainy is beautiful!!!!
Have a lovely week sweetie!

Neda said...

I love the photography in that editorial-- just gorgeous. I'm planning on catching up with the September issues next week while on a plane for a bus trip-- can't wait! I hope you have a wonderful week, Helen! xx

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see that Vreeland film and read all the books by or about her on my wish list. Such an amazing and influential character.

I fell for the library in that home designed by Wearstler and the

I hope your week is starting well ;-)

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