Thursday, 9 August 2012

Home Style, Mediterranean & Moroccan flavours

Exuding a warmth and naturalness you'd be mistaken for thinking this home is situated on top of a Mediterranean idyll overlooking the blue seas below; no, it's in Hollywood and belongs to actress Ellen Pompeo and her husband.

The warmth of the terracotta tiles and use of wood throughout, coupled with that beautiful rendered exterior and Moroccan touches throughout, gives this home an easy, relaxed vibe.

I love her kitchen and the styling on the kitchen table; I can picture lots of friendly dinners, loud conversation and copious amounts of red wine, can you?

More images over at Elle Decor here.


Anonymous said...

I love homes that have character, like this one, and I agree with you on the kitchen.

classiq said...

What a beautiful home! Yes, it has that quality that makes a house a home. Love the kitchen. :)

C said...

Im keeping that huge fridge and the bath tub!
The place is a dream!!!!!!
we can only wish, right?

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