Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Interior Focus... Nook

Those little areas beckon come sit with me, enjoy a read, have a cup of tea and bask in some sunlight.  How I wish that was me.  

I love the simplicity of the white walls, a low marble bench and some lovely textiles to rest on.  Corners allow for interesting little nooks that can be utilized for some down time or study time.  They also allow for interesting energy within the room if you're into Feng Shui.  Do you enjoy a spot like this one?

Tonight I'm seeing a movie as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival, something french, with someone french, speaking in french... ooh la la - where is that french phrase book!  So I'll be braving the cold wind and icy rain for a culture filled night - brrr.

Avoir une bonne nuit mes amis.


C said...

Oh yeah...nooks are my favorites! there are a bunch of inspiring pics around about them and I always end up keeping them all (including yours) LOL!
Have a lovely wednesday sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I love nooks like that, I'm always drawn to photos that show a really appealing nook. All that natural light ... I love it.

Have fun tonight. I hope that someone French, speaking in French will impress you ;-)

classiq said...

I like nooks like that and who doesn't long for such a lovely spot on a winter evening? I hope you enjoyed the movie. xo

Neda said...

Enjoy the movie and let us know if you recommend it...I'm dying for a new foreign film fix. xx

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