Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A banquet

An early Renaissance court, a triumphant Marco Polo, a Medici banquet...  this is what springs to mind when I view the house of Valentino's Couture Fall offering - the richness of the colours, the intricate details, the plush accessories, the almost monastic silhouettes - contained, refined and all out luxe at 20 paces.

There was the Florentine scrolls laser cut on the capes and backs of coats, the rich crimson velvet bodice with the plunging neckline on the floor length gown, the luscious alligator stamped burgundy pumps and clutches, the drama of the heavy brocades, the warmth and realism of the herringbone cut so precisely, the elegant cashmere ensembles, and the delicate embroidered sheers - so  many intricate details contained within the austerity of the hair & makeup and the immaculate burgundy nail polish; at the same time indulgent and restrained.

And those rich jewel tones - deep, mysterious and warm; those amazing textiles - wool cashmere, velvet and lace... the richness is amped up in layers, with subtlety and nuances, it is not the spangly, sparkly kind.   This is not obvious couture; it is not about the label on the outside of a bag; it's about the fabric and the precision cut, it's about the silhouette it grants the wearer, and it's about the grand gesture it makes as it enters the room - silent and strong, soft and confident.  

I love this Italian aesthetic.

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Classiq said...

It takes my breath away. Beautiful review too, Helen. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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