Monday, 15 July 2013

Low Key Style

Hope you got plenty of rest and relaxation on the weekend - plenty of hydration, good healthy food, a good nights' sleep perhaps?  These are my biggest tips for great skin and a great outlook on life.  What about you?

It's the basic things that really get the results I think - I'm not perfect but I find that keeping hydrated during the day (starting with a glass of warm water and lemon) and cutting back on the sweet, sugary tempters (it's a struggle!), cleansing and moisturising daily,  getting a solid 8 hours sleep (uninterrupted!) does wonders for my skin and of course my mind.  (This also reads as a the lazy girls' tips to good skin doesn't it?)

And I loved reading these tips (in Vogue here) from our French sisters about what they do keep their skin looking great.

If Laetitia Casta is anything to go by on this cover of French Vogue...I'm taking all these inside tips on board pronto!

And what about your 'look' overall... do you struggle to keep a 'look' updated?; Are you a slave to what the magazines put out in front of you each month or on the web daily?;  What's the right thing to do? - well, take a read of these gorgeous French women and you'll think twice about going out and buying a brand new wardrobe everytime the new season hits.

Classic, timeless, individual, beautiful... these women know what works for them, how to use it, where to find it and how to revel in it.

I particularly love Emmanuelle Alt's response... again, the 'no fuss' guide to looking great!  I love it and I subscribe to it!  No fuss, low key, under the radar, but consistent - I prefer everything in my life to be like that too...

Loved Carine's response ...'it's just hair in my face & dark eyes'... but oh, so consistenly stylish!

Sounds easy doesn't it?

Image via Fashionologie

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Classiq said...

Those tips work wonders for me as well. But the good news is that I don't turn to fashion magazines for advice. I know what works for me and stick to it. I've always had great complexion and I've never outdone it with beauty products. Healthy eating, hydration and a good night's sleep are indeed what I need for a nice skin. My make-up usually consists of mascara, a little blush and lipstick.

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