Monday, 5 August 2013

Struck Gold

I was half way through dinner on Friday night when I noticed that I didn't have any jewellery on.  Well there was the watch and the wedding ring but the other stuff - earrings or necklace, etc... they were missing.  Funny how it took that long to notice really.

I don't wear that much jewellery (except for the aforementioned watch & ring), and I've got loads of costume jewellery (leather, resin, glass beads, lacquered metal, brass etc) but I thought I'd do some searching to find pieces that appeal for their simplicity, timelessness and their 'all round easy to wear' factor.  

The most surprising thing to me, it looks like I've been eyeing off intricate little gold pieces, and I don't even wear yellow gold (not yet anyway)!

What's that saying?... that once you mature you start appreciate yellow gold?

1 comment:

Classiq said...

Yes, that's what they say, that with age you start to appreciate yellow gold. I love the layered necklaces in the first photo.

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