Friday, 7 February 2014

In The Schedule

Gearing up for another scorching weekend, and indeed, the next week!  What to do, what to do?  Hydrate, stay in the shade and don't exert too much energy... sounds like a relaxing weekend don't you think?

Here are some links I've had stored during the week...

+   A lovely editorial featuring Eva Herzigova for L'Express magazine photographed by Nico.  Ladylike and feminine shapes and silhouettes to compliment the cool blonde who rocked the runway in the 90's (via FashionGoneRogue).

+ Take a look at Mawi's new lookbook featuring Ukranian editor Daria Shapovalova via Because magazine.  These baubles look amazing!

+ Don't stop at colour for your jewels when you can be surrounded by it at home too; like this fabulously stylish home in Sydney belonging to Dinosaur Designs creators, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy & family - truly gorgeous... via The Design Files.  There is a Gemma Smith acrylic sculpture on a sideboard that is just amazing!

 + For me, the only way to wear a mini, if you dare... flat heels, slip ons, loafers... whatever, but make them simple and sharp like the silhouette of these minis (via Interview).

+ So I'll need some refreshments on hand this weekend... topping a long cool drink with some ice cubes would be the go and these appetizing morsels over at Oh Joy! look delicious.. yummy, what part of mango and coconut milk wouldn't be great?

Stay cool everyone and enjoy your weekend ...

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