Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Home Style, Elegant Nomadic in Manhattan

Admiring some photos of actress Juliana Margulies' Manhattan home in Architectural Digest today.  Enlisting the services of designer, Vicente Wolf, this home reflects a modern asiatic, restrained elegance and luxe nomadic vibe (or so it seems to me).  Very grown up to say the least!

I love this painting in the hallway by British artist Daisy Cook, below, and those Indonesian stone sculptures too.

I could see myself with a latte in the morning contemplating the day's schedule from this nook in the kitchen below... I just love banquet seating and what a view!

The kitchen, all white, bright and light... and those hydrangeas - my favourite!

And the cloth wallpaper in the hallway and the study - so tactile, so stunning, certainly adds a luxury hotel feeling don't you think?  I really like the idea of that narrow shelf running on one side of the hall; I was thinking of installing something like that in a part of my hallway too!

The bedroom below, eclectic and nomadic yet elegant and restrained...

Photos by William Abranowicz
Via Architectural Digest

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