Thursday, 24 July 2014

Brrr it's cold outside

Brrrr, it's been a bit chilly out these last few mornings and I was in desperate need of a hooded coat to keep my ears warm.

I used this pic of Sabrina Iofredda for Numero #155 August issue, as inspiration - a sort of Russian 19th Century princess in the winter; but now that sales have already begun, the popular sizes have flown off the racks and it looks like I waited too long yet again!

I did manage to find quite a nice wool coat in Zara with a suitably looking plush hood covered in faux fur ; although once you feel the texture it tends to moult all over the shoulders of the coat.. no good!

Ah well... do I wait until next season or do I keep on the look out knowing that in a few weeks by the end of August, there will be Spring racks all over the shops?  What to do?  What to do?

I love waiting for sales like everyone, but if you wait that one week too long, foof... the good stuff is gone.  Has that happened to you too?

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Audrey said...

My experience with buying clothes in general is that I always find the right piece when I'm not looking for something. And if I do….well…it always turns out the same. It doesn't fits my wallet!!! the only solution for me, a jump to the Zara store.
In your case: maybe wait until the next season and in the meantime maybe you will find the perfect piece when you are not looking for it. It comes to you Helen LOL. xx

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