Friday, 15 August 2014

In The Schedule

With the sun shining outside, I'm looking forward to a quiet day running errands, catching up with a friend for a coffee, and re-scheduling the weekend (it seems I have double booked myself!).

Aside from that, it's been a busy last few days (I will be posting about a fabulous Spring Racing event I attended earlier this week so stay tuned) and I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend (well, seeing as the weather on Sunday will be quite questionable, it'll mean finding shelter from the rain).  But hey, you know what they say about Melbourne, '... four seasons in one day!'.

Here are some great links I found for some great reads too...

+ The gorgeous clean lines featured in this editorial in S Moda; just keeping it simple against the lovely canvas of Hilary Rhoda's complexion.

+ A great interview with designer Simone Rocha in Interview Magazine here.

+ An amazing behind the scenes look on the making of Marc Jacobs' new It bag.  What an intricate process.  Via TMagazine.

+  Take a peak inside the studio of Petite Grand jewellery... Via Broadsheet.

"There's a time for a sweater and Levi's and a time for the full-dress jazz"- Ginger Rogers.
+ Is Elegance still around today?  Hmmm, it's debatable.  Another magazine gives us 10 codes of Elegance. 

+  From Vogue Australia, a great bit of advice on how to complement your skincare routine with a complexion clearing diet.. you are what you eat right? I'm getting out the yoghurt and bluberries right away!

+  Okay so I'm a hotcake right?  My delicious Ricotta and Bluberry hotcakes that were snaffled up in record time last week.  (Well they're not really mine, I tore the recipe out of the newspaper years ago!  I think it might be Bill Granger recipe.)

180g plain flour
2tsp baking powder
2 pinches cinnamon
2tbsp caster sugar
325ml milk
150g ricotta
2 eggs
2 punnets blueberries (I have used chopped up bits of strawberries too)
melted butter for cooking

Sift dry ingredients into bowl.  Whisk together the milk, ricotta and eggs in a separate bowl until smooth.  Add milk mix to dry ingredients and stir.  Throw in your blueberries.   At this stage, I place the mixture in the fridge for about 20 mins to chill.  Heat a non stick pan over medium heat add a little melted butter and dollop in ladle size scoop of batter.  Cook until edges bubble and then flip (I'm getting good this part!).  Cook for a further minute and then serve straight away with vanilla ice cream and icing sugar or jam.   Oh, so good!

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