Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Home Style... Modern Subtle Grandeur in Melbourne

When I spy those terrace houses in the inner suburbs of Melbourne I often wonder what type of interiors are hidden inside those grand old entrances.

Well, this 2 storey terrace in local Brunswick eschews an urbane modernity in keeping with a beautiful renovated home bringing it into the present day.  The interiors were designed by Chelsea Hing, which include warm light grey walls, elegant rugs, darkened floorboards and modern artwork.

I love those glossy subway tiles in the kitchen and bathroom; and the verandah and front door are just as glamorous.  How beautiful is that marble fireplace and surround?  Rather than having the whole place modernised with complete white walls and ceiling and doors, it's a nice change to see it given depth and warmth with the layering of rugs, grey walls and a darkish palette throughout.

Subtle, eclectic, urbane, grand.  Totally modern too.

Photography Nik Epifanidis
Est Magazine


Liz said...

Love this interior, especially the dark floor boards and the grey walls.

Classiq said...

It's very modern, yes, retaining a timeless elegance too. And that angle of the room showing the fireplace and wooden table is beautiful!

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