Friday, 1 June 2012

In The Schedule

I'm feeling fabulous after some pampering at the hairdresser this morning - perfect for a sunny autumn day, so how about some more fabulousness...

+ Stunning abstract images from a collaboration between fashion designer Mary Katrantzou and photographer/filmmaker Erik Madigan Heck referencing Catholic iconography, Greek mythology and Parisian surrealist painters.  The images speak for themselves - More images via.

+  Marchesa will be launching a new website come Summer 2012, but in the meantime we can swoon over these gorgeous offerings to entice the senses shown via video here.  The girls will also be designing a diffusion line which include outfits for daywear and every occasion other than red carpet.  Yay!

+ And one for the merchandisers; Repetto, the quintessential French brand for dance shoes and indeed 'those' ballet flats, and a fabulously unique way to engage the customer and everyone walking by the windows of their rue de la Paix store.   Oh, how I wish I was there - clever!  Via.

+  Claudia Schiffer, as translated by Self Service magazine; she's still got it my friends!

+  Fancy yourself as a magazine editor?  Well my friends, sign up as an intern over at Elle Uk and you could be doing just that - put your stamp on the October 2012 issue of Elle UK here.  Yep, for real.

+  Sophia Loren's family meatball recipe ? - don't ya just love the web... bringing all the corners of the world to your kitchen!  via Mangervia Automatism

Enjoy a fabulous weekend xx


classiq said...

A visit to the hairdresser's does wonders, doesn't it? It's so much easier than changing your wardrobe, right? That photo of Sophia with her children is precious. Claudia's still got it, yes. A pair of Repetto ballet flats will soon make their way to my wardrobe, I know it will. :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Helen!

Anonymous said...

The colours in that top photo just blew me away ... love it, and I'm taking a better look at that link after I'm done commenting.

Claudia, what can I say, she nailed it!

I also love the Sophia Loren photo and one funny thing. That first link with the recipe, Manger. The woman who writes that blog is married to a guy that I went to school with. He's Icelandic and they live in France. Such a small world!

Have a wonderful weekend Helen. I wish I had been at the hair dresser this morning.

Audrey said...

What a great collaboration between two artistic people, beautiful colors! oh my a mag editor wouldn't that be something, have to check to this out, just curious!
Have a lovely weekend Helen, and enjoy the sunny autumn days.


Neda said...

Don't you just love that feeling after the hairdresser?! I'm hoping to enjoy your links over the weekend. :) xx

C said... I love thee...let me count the ways...
Oh my...their dresses are sooooo stunning!!!!
HAve a lovely weekend sweetie!!!!

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