Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Home Style, Georgian & Modern in London

With an exterior of stately elegance, this 19th Century London home switches it up inside with the addition of modern designer pieces.

Bold colourations, grand artistic gestures, a warm designer kitchen (out of character to the rest of the place!), and a minimalist sunny terrace.  What else would you do with this home?   Velvets, silks, marble, faceted stainless steel, and numerous vibrant artworks meet you in every room.

It's a little bit rock n roll, alot of modern & contemporary, and touch of cozy in the kitchen... on a very slick level don't you think?

I love those faceted Bonetti side tables below.

Doesn't the kitchen seem out of character to the rest of the place?

Photos Luke White
Images via AD


classiq said...

It's not exactly my style, but what I do love are the armchair and table in the first photo (I love that angle they used for that shot, from which I would have imagined an entirely different room) and those gorgeous painted vases on the dining table.

María Martínez said...

Oh, yes. this home is mazing, amazing,amazing. There are so many pieces of furniture that are incredibilly gorgeous! and yes, the kitchen seems to be from other home, but is really beautiful.

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