Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Home Style, Decorative Modern Marais

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"... this home in Paris' Marais district is such thing of beauty.  

When you're a couple passionate about French modernism and work as Decorative Arts dealers it stands to reason that your gorgeous Parisian home will be decked out with the likes of Prouve, Calder, Perriand, Warhol and the rest.

I love the Salon style art hanging in the study, the un-adultered simplicity of the dining room, the 18th century parquet de Versailles flooring throughout and the elegant sitting room complete with Andy Warhol silk screen.  

So beautiful... and the exterior of this home is just as impressive.  

The Salon style wall 

The floor!


Home of Laurence & Patrick Seguin
Photos by Simon Watson


Audrey said...

Beautiful, beautiful!! exterior as well!

Classiq said...

The style wall and those floors! Charming.

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